Fannigan's Isle

--pictures by Tammy Martin
Tom, Rick, and Pete from St Patrick's Day
at Flanagan's

Rick playing the harmonica and bones AT THE SAME TIME!

 Fannigan's Isle 1984 - 2011
When Tom Scheidt died suddenly on September 5, 2011 it was the end of Fannigan's Isle. Rick and Tom played for over 27 years. It was a magic time for many of us. So much good music, so many adventures, so much laughter. Thank you all for your love and support of Fannigan's Isle, and may you always remember the good times!

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Hailing from Dayton, OH, Fannigan's Isle uses the Irish pub music of the
Clancy Brothers and the high-spirited American folk music of the Kingston
Trio as a springboard for their own unique blend of traditional folk forms.
Comprised of Rick Fannin and Tom Scheidt, both having spent stints in
rock bands in the '60s, the two came to a mutual respect of each other's
talents and formed Fannigan's Isle in 1984 under the idea of recreating
the music of their aforementioned heroes. The duo quickly gained a reputation
for high-spirited live shows and garnered accolades for their accomplished
performances on a wide array of folk instruments. By the late '90s,
Fannigan's Isle was a favorite on the folk festival, college, and pub
circuit, as they had released two well-received collections on Folk Era
records. The double set, Orange & Green, split between one disc of live
tracks and one of studio recordings, provides an excellent introduction
to their music. ~ Matt Fink, All Music Guide


With two discs and 32 songs, Orange & Green is an outstanding set of Irish, British, and American folk music. With the first disc being comprised of a spirited live set, the listener gets the treat of hearing the revitalists interact with the excited crowd and give background on the songs they've chosen. The duo coax an amazing diversity of textures out of their wide range of instruments and generally sound as if they are using a whole backup band. On the second disc of studio recordings occasional backup musicians are employed, with the result being a very full and accomplished sound. A majority of the material covered on both discs is in the rambunctious Irish pub style popularized in the United States by the Clancy Brothers, but Fannigan's Isle give equal time to Kingston Trio-type arrangements, bagpipe instrumentals, hornpipes, reels, and jigs. Everything is done in a true jovial spirit of reverence and adds up to make Fannigan's Isle one of the foremost interpreters of traditional tunes. — Matt Fink


Fannigan's Isle's second album of predominantly Irish tunes is an eclectic twist on boisterous traditional folk songs. Incorporating mandolin, cittern, tin whistles, bouzouki, bodhran, and bagpipes among others, this is a truly first-rate rendering that is almost impossible not to like. Drawing on a few Clancy Brothers standards, like "The Moonshiner," "Johnny McEldoo, and "Whiskey in the Jar," Fannigan's Isle always maintains the spirit and charm of the originals. With most of the original Clancy Brothers now singing in the big pub in the sky, this brand of infectious sing-alongs and bittersweet ballads is in safe hands with Fannigan's Isle. — Matt Fink